Live Well With Dementia™ | An online course to help you push back, stress less & truly Live Well, despite a diagnosis of dementia. 


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  • Dementia 101

    Understand the basics and what to expect as this disease progresses and how to interact more effectively with your loved one at every stage.  Just diagnosed?  Depending on how the diagnosis was obtained, you may consider a second opinion or a deeper assessment.  Dr. Bergman will give you next step recommendations.  Frustrated by increasing communication challenges, Cheryl Freed and Dr. Bergman will explain what's happening and what you can do to increase understanding and decrease frustration.  


    Sneak Preview: As a caregiver, you will have to pivot and adjust how you communicate with your loved one. In this clip, Cheryl will discuss one of the most important but often difficult phrases you can use to keep the environment calm and positive.  Watch Video Now

  • Caregiver Mindset & Stress

    Understand the impact of stress, the dangers of an unchecked hormone response, how to measure your stress hormone levels, the role of Vagus nerve, and real client profiles in caregiver stress. 


    Sneak Preview: Here, Dr. Bergman gets into the physiology of stress and the importance of supporting your parasympathetic nervous system. Just like you exercise to build muscle, there are ways you can strengthen your parasympathetic system. The main way is to tone the Vagus Nerve and use tools like Heart Rate Variability (HRV).  Watch Video Now

  • Nutrition & Hydration

    Understand the changes that take place around appetite, hydration, food preferences, and more.  Plus, what you and your loved one can incorporate in the kitchen to improve cognition and have better days.


    Sneak Preview: Did you know that even as adults you can grow new brain cells in a process called neurogenesis? In this clip, Nikki will provide a list of foods and lifestyle changes to encourage this process.  Watch Video Now

  • Planning for the Future

    Told to get your affairs in order?  Where to start?  Topics include legal and financial documents you need, in-home care options, and how to pay for and find a suitable long-term care home.  Plus the benefits of a hospice or palliative care partner.


    Sneak Preview: In this clip, Dr. Bergman will discuss why planning and having proper legal documentation in order is a critical step that should be done sooner than later.  Watch Video Now

  • Sleep & Sundowning

    Changes in circadian rhythms impact sleep cycles in dementia.  Sundowning or erratic, hysterical behavior is not uncommon in mid-late afternoon.  Learn what you can do about these concerns and how to improve sleep & sundowning starting tonight.


    Topics include sleep and sundowning, ways to improve sleep and sundowning, nutrition for sleep, benefits of music and light therapy for sleep, melatonin, CBD and other remedies, medications that worsen dementia, and why sleep apnea is important.  


    Sneak Preview: Adequate sleep is needed for optimum cognitive functioning.  It's the brain's opportunity to refresh and restore. But as we age, our sleep physiology (the structure of our sleep) changes.  With general aging it’s harder to get deeper more restorative sleep. In this snippet,  dementia and Alzheimer’s, this is radically accelerated.  Watch Video Now

  • Movement

    Incorporating some movement will help your loved one both mentally and physically.  In fact, exercise is among the most evidence-based things you can do for your brain.  We'll show you how to get started.  Beginner video routines included.  Topics covered include the science of exercise, key exercises for cognitive health, and routines for cardiovascular/aerobics, strength resistance, and balance and coordination.


    Sneak Preview: Exercise is among the most evidence-based things you can do for your brain. Here, Dr. Bergman will get into the science of exercise and discuss some of the immediate benefits exercise can have on those cognitive impairment.  Watch Video Now

  • And More!

    With over 9 hours of video content, support written, material, and dozens of downloadable resources, caregivers have everything they need to help their loved one live well with dementia.

Together, you and your loved one can Live Well with Dementia™


 Step inside this course with Dr. Nate Bergman of Kemper Cognitive Wellness

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"For those seeking answers, this course fills the void that I found exists when confronted with a diagnosis. Books seem to be overwhelming on the subject with no solutions or specific programs. Family doctors don’t always offer a course of action but instead, a means to cope.  

This program hits on all issues we have encountered and are anticipating... Having text and videos helps to absorb the matter depending on my mood.  

One of the most helpful things from this course was realizing that we’re not alone and help exists other than drugs.  My biggest Aha! moment was learning of blood testing and supplements that can help." 

John C.





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